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Atlantic City Sub Shops still uses the same unbeatable recipes and ingredients the business has relied on for 35 years, with no plans to change.

Take one bite of our famous subs and you will never forget it.

Whether you are craving a cheese steak or a taste of little Italy, you will discover why there is no SUBstitute. We invite you to bring your family and friends to enjoy a fantastic meal with us!


When you walk in, you travel back in time!

We are not a national chain and therefore we take personalized service to the next level. Sit down, bring your family, and socialize! As a friendly neighborhood hangout, our goal is to create an atmosphere where grabbing a bite is about more than just the food. It’s about family, community, and good local business.

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Charley & Noelle, owners of Atlantic City Sub Shops.

After working for the previous owner since the age of 14, Charley purchased the business with the promise to stay true to the original visions of community, family, and quality food that they implement daily!


Family First, always!

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